we are wosh

Life is for living, not laundry!

WHAT WE DODO YOU WANT TO RELIEVE THE INCONVENIENCE OF THE WEEKLY WASH? WELL, WE HAVE IT SORTED!We take the strain and hassle out of your life (well, at least that part that involves laundry).All you need to do is to schedule a time for us to come and collect your laundry.We supply our ‘Big Wosh’ bags and all you do is just tick the options for what you want us to do; simple wash, delicates, ironing, folding or suitcase ready to speed and ease your packing.And that’s it.We whisk it away, professionally wash it, dry it and then return it at the time you specify!Easy really.So sign up now and replace laundry with living.


Drop us your address and contact details and we'll send you a confirmation email once you're all set up and ready to go.Simple.